Yesterday, I talked about NetGong and their network management software. With today’s sponsored post, I’d like to about another suite of tools by the same company called NetInfo. NetInfo is a collection of some basic network related tools. Linux users are very familiar with these, possibly using them every day like myself. The application is… Continue reading NetInfo


I’m always interested in networking management software. I’ve played with a few from Cacti, Samhain, NMS, Nagios and to simple uptime tools like Mon. All of these are Linux based, but with this sponsored post, I’d like to talk about a Windows based solution called NetGong. NetGong use to be IPMonitor but changed their name… Continue reading NetGong

Quick check on MX using nslookup

Quick check on MX using nslookup. I’m basically doing this for a reference for myself. I had some weirdness with MX in my zone. I noticed the following message in the logs: Jul 15 19:32:40 postfix/smtp[8501]: 4DF9F6540BA: host[] said: 450 4.7.1 … recipient denied, because MX 10 ‘’ [] for not answering (in… Continue reading Quick check on MX using nslookup