Apache-2.0.59-r5 Missing Tools

Today's challenge is related to the upgrade of Apache to www-servers/apache-2.0.59-r5. I upgraded on one of my servers, and immediately noticed something odd. Before I ever restart, I always like to do a config check with apache2ctl -t. For some reason apache2ctl was not compiled and installed. I figured it was a new 'feature' and something that I would just need to learn, so I restarted without checking. I had a small hiccup with the start/stop since the init script was changed, so I had to manually kill processes and zap the service, not a problem though.

A short while later, I started receiving log messages from webalizer.

sh: /usr/sbin/logresolve2: No such file or directory

I have a webalizer wrapper script that basically resolves DNS from the access logs every 15 minutes, so my Apache doesn't get bogged down in real time doing these lookups. I like to see the host names in the stats vs. just the IPs. So now, we don't have apache2ctl or logresolve2. Something is definitely up. I put a post up on the Gentoo forums hoping for a clue or an answer. Lately, the Gentoo Forums are not as quick as they use to be a few years ago.. but we'll see.

You can follow that thread here:
http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-p-4215466.html#4215466 T

here has been a bug filed for this. Apparently other tools like htpasswd2, etc are missing:

The area that is interesting is in the ebuild:
# SLOT=2
    cd ${D}
    for i in htdigest htpasswd logresolve apxs ab rotatelogs dbmmanage checkgid split-logfile; do
        mv -v usr/sbin/${i} usr/sbin/${i}2
    mv -v usr/sbin/apachectl usr/sbin/apache2ctl
    mv -v usr/sbin/list_hooks.pl usr/sbin/list_hooks2.pl
    mv -v usr/sbin/logresolve.pl usr/sbin/logresolve2.pl

My guess is that the binaries are not being compiled.. why the for loop would be doing nothing here. list_hooks2.pl and logresolve2.pl are found and moved. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary in src_compile() or src_install(), so not sure if the source for apache are missing these tools.